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Among the 50 best rosé wines in the world

A unique wine, without a doubt; the Xarel·lo Vermell 2023 from Aymar has just been recognized as one of the 50 best rosés in the world and has won the silver medal in the competition organized by Wine Pleasures.

This 100% Xarel·lo Vermell (red) rosé wine from Aymar pays homage to a typical variety from the Penedès region that was widely cultivated years ago, but whose cultivation declined with the arrival of cava, where the cultivation of white varieties like xarel·lo blanco, macabeo, or parellada was favored. The Xarel·lo Vermell (red) is also known as cartoixà vermell or cartoixà marí (due to its good adaptability and preference for the terroir of coastal areas).

It is known for its characteristic reddish skin, and it gives the wine a complex and distinctive aromatic profile. Wines made from xarel·lo vermell often present notes of red fruits such as strawberries and cherries, in addition to floral and herbaceous touches that give them great elegance and freshness.

It is an honor that this distinctive variety, practically saved from extinction, has been included in the list of the 50 best rosés.

Discover Xarel·lo Vermell with Aymar!

Aymar Xarel·lo Vermell - 50 best Rosés of the World

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