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Raïm uva grape
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Organic viticulture

We cultivate the vineyards only with ecological and sustainable treatments.

Ambassadors of our land

Wines that are true to their origin

Quality Guarantee: Reserve


Top experiences 

Spaces and professionals at your disposal to offer you the best experiences.

Enjoy wine tourism

In a privileged winery and surroundings

We inaugurate the new Aymar Winery in Vimbodí and Poblet, a renovated winery with magnificent new design spaces to offer you unforgettable wine and gastronomic experiences. The winery and the surrounding estates are located in the Prades Mountains area, next to Poblet, in the Conca de Barberà region.

Aymar vitivinícoles vimbodi i poblet celler conca barbera bodega tarragona
Aymar Castell de Pujades Vi Penedès vino barcelona

We advocate for

sustainable viticulture

Respect for the environment and for the vineyard for generations.

Our vineyards receive exclusively ecological treatments as this has been and is our only work philosophy. We care for the land and the vineyard in a reasoned and responsible manner, with environmentally respectful techniques, just as our ancestors did.

The soul of a land in every bottle.

Aymar is the expression of a grape, a territory, and a vintage

We care for the land and the vineyard in a rational and responsible way, using environmentally friendly techniques. The AYMAR vineyards are treated exclusively with natural, organic products.

Aymar Reserva única vinari premi
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