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Castell de Pujades

A winery dedicated exclusively to the elaboration of wines with DO Penedès origin and 100% Classic Penedès sparkling wines.

At Castell de Pujades is where we produce the Classic Penedès sparkling wines.

- 100% organic viticulture, without any synthetic chemicals.
- 100% Penedès territory, guaranteeing origin in the land par excellence for Catalan sparkling wines.
- Sparkling wines vinified on the property; wines that are produced in the same cellar that has seen its vineyards grow.
- Vintage wines. Handcrafted wines that are witnesses of different climatology each year.
- Traditional Method or champagne method: the sparkling wines undergo a slow second fermentation in the bottle, which produces a naturally fine and prolonged bubble.
- Long aging in the bottle. Wines aged for a minimum of 15 months and up to 5 years, which will gain maturity, elegance, and complexity.

Aymar Castell de Pujades Gallery

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