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Xarel·lo is now... red!

Updated: May 31

The magazine "El Celler del Nacional" together with Catalan wine communicator Meritxell Falgueras are publishing a special "Xarel·lo Vermell" (red Xarel·lo) this month and choose Xarel·lo Vermell from Aymar Castell de Pujades as the benchmark.

"Xarel·lo Vermell is an original grapevine from Penedès resulting from the natural mutation of Xarel·lo. It produces fresh and acidic wines, and the truth is that they are also unique because there aren't many of them! However, in the last 10 years, more vineyards have begun to be planted.

Usually, it has a higher alcohol content than normal, with herbal notes, reminiscent of strawberry, with saline hints, and it is mainly used for white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

Remember that the vine is of black grape and the grapes are medium-sized and not very compact. The berries have an intense pink color and quite thick skin. Despite its color, the wine is considered a white wine, although it has orange reflections. On the nose, it can remind us of red fruits such as currants, cherries, or blackberries.

As synonyms, it has Xarel·lo rosé, red Cartoixà, or rosé Cartoixà.

The example I have chosen is the Castell de Pujades Xarel·lo Vermell from the Penedès D.O.

A variety with its own personality that will continue to make a lot of noise!


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